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I’m thinking about posting the daily reflection from my alateen book each day, though I might start a side blog for it. Opinions?
Today says:
“I’ve always been a smiler, but at one time my smiling was not necessarily what I felt on the inside. Smiling covered up a lot of the crying I was doing, and it kept people from getting to know the real me.
Now that I’m part of the fellowship, I’m learning to deal with those inside feelings so I can show them as they really are. I don’t smile all the time but when I do the smile on the outside what’s on the inside.
I feel good when I smile. The more I’m around people, the more I realize how contagious that feeling can be. One morning while I was walking down the street, I started to smile and the results were incredible. People smiled back, and some even said ‘good morning’. It really helped get my day off to a great start.

Things to think about:
I don’t have to walk around grinning from ear to ear, but a natural smile does a lot more good than a sour look. When I start the day with a smile it puts me in a positive frame of mind and the result is I feel good all over. And who knows it might just be the thing someone else needs to give their day a lift too.”
Jan 27

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